Business Visa - Canada

Business Visa - Canada


Immigrant Investor Program (IIP)

Experienced business people who make a sizable investment to the Canadian Economy, with the aim of contributing significantly to Canada’s economic growth and long-term prosperity, can apply under the Immigration Investor Program (IIP). Investments are administered and guaranteed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Canadian provinces using your investment to create jobs and help their economies grow, respectively. If you are seeking permanent residency as an investor, you must:

  • show relevant business experience
  • show legally obtained minimal net worth of C$1,600,000 and
  • Invest C$800,000 in Canada.

Entrepreneur Program:


Experienced business persons who will own and actively manage their own businesses in Canada thus contributing to the Canadian economy and creating jobs for legal residents are encouraged to apply to the Entrepreneur Program.

Self-Employed Persons Program:


Applicants who intend to and show the capability to be self-employed in Canada are open to apply for this category. These self-employed persons must have either:

  • Relevant experience, intention and ability to contribute significantly to the cultural/ athletic life of Canada; or
  • Have an experience in farm management and possess the intentions and ability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada.